Recovering? Recovered? Relapsing?  I lose track of where I am on the eating disordered continuum. My main qualification for blogging about it is the 12+ years I spent living with anorexia and EDNOS. I’m not a professional but in all that time I’ve spent not consuming food I have instead been consuming all the eating disorder literature I can get my dry, bony, purple hands on – scientific papers, personal accounts, blogs, self-help books, feminist interpretations, sociological interpretations, case studies, anything. Hopefully now I’m in a position to start making some sense of my experiences and what I’ve read and have something if not original, at least relevant to say.

While my posts might be triggering, triggering is not my aim. I will never post numbers or explicitly describe my own or others disordered behaviour, I want this blog to be helpful not harmful. I may drift in and out of blogging, sometimes I have to take a step back for my own mental health. So if I’m unreachable, that’s why.
Also, I like to keep this blog separate from my mainstream online life, so if you figure out who I am, please don’t out me.

Please don’t hesitate to comment and let me know what you think. 🙂

Much love to everyone struggling with eating disorders, you’re all awesome and you deserve so much better.

x K.

(neutral pronouns, please ^_^)


Ps: I’ve never experienced any eating disorder other than AN and EDNOS so I really can’t speak about other EDs. So, just for the record, when I talk about EDs from my POV, I’m talking about restrictive, non-purging EDs. I don’t like to lump all EDs, like COE, BED, purging and restrictive etc etc types in together because I don’t think generalising is helpful.