Just a collection of non-fiction eating disorder books I want to read/re-read.*
I’ll no doubt be updating this list as I keep discovering more. Always open to recommendations too!
All the links are to google books.

Anorexic Bodies by Morag McSween
The Thin Woman by Helen Malson
The Social Construction of Anorexia by Julie Hepworth
Hunger Strike: The Anorectic’s struggle as a metaphor for our age by Susie Orbach
Unbearable Weight: Femism, western Culture and the Body by Susan Bordo
The Hungry Self: Women, Eating and Identity by Kim Chernin
The Obsession: Reflections on the Tyranny of Slenderness by Kim Chernin
Trends in Eating Disorder Research by Pamela I Swain
Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders by Particia Fallon et al.
The Golden Cage by Hilde Bruch
Hungry Hell by Kate Chisholm
Fasting Girls by Joan Jacobs Brumberg
Beyond Anorexia: Narrative, Spirituality and Recovery by Catherine Garrett
The Body Betrayed by Kathryn J Zerbe

And just for fun…
Feminist Interpretations of Rene Descartes
Gender/Body/Knowledge: Feminist reconstructions of being and knowing

*If I can actually get hold of them/afford them. I think it’s ridiculous how some of these academic texts retain their prices as e-books. £60 for some endlessly replicatable data? Really? Where is all the book-piracy at?