Welcome to yet another new blog! I’m going to use it to collect my thoughts on eating disorders in general and anorexia nervosa specifically. After 10+ years spent steeped in varying degrees of sickness and lots of reading I think I have just enough insight and understanding to be able to say something worthwhile.
I could blog a thousand neat truisms about this evil disease; that it’s about boundaries, not about food, it’s a combination of biological and psycho-social factors, recovery isn’t a ‘eureka moment’, it’s a slow process etc etc and so on. I could also go down the salacious personal memoir route, but that would just be gratuitous triggering. No, I’m going for a more thorough, big-picture examination this time.

And I could carry on typing all my ideas into endless word documents as I have been doing, but I’d like feedback and discussion. I’ve never encountered an online community as helpful, soulful and smart as my fellow ED folk. You guys are awesome.

I’m no great writer and I’m no academic, either. I’ve got a BA in Fine Art, a lot of experience interning and big gaps in my resume which I can only explain, when pressed, with admissions of mental illness. But despite my educational status anxiety I still think I can add something to the ED blogging scene.

Anyway, I’ll sign off for now and start tweaking the blog appearance, add links etc in the morning.